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How to order Minimix Grandmix Mixes on cd

Collectors Editions CD 1

downloads a 20 second preview in mpeg3
format. Players can be downloaded at www.mp3.com
Netscape tends to mess up mp3 files. To correct this you
should use uncook95 which restores the file back to mp3.
Perform a search for uncook95 on the web to obtain
the latest version. Each mp3 file is approx.150kb

Weerbericht 7:00
Life's a bitch 6:40
Child in Time 6:03
Switching all systems to techno 5:47
Beatrix 5:52
Beadub 5:49
Jaws 5:40
Jaws remix 3:49
Fanfare for the common man 5:28
Komopmetdiebass 4:08
Givemethebass 4:10
Gibmirdenbass 4:10
Instrumentalbass 4:10

total 69:08

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