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Just like the Millennium Edition, and The Summer Edition
The Grandmix 2000 is a 3 hour continuous mix
now available as a 3CD-box.

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1 ben liebrand intro grandmix 2000
2 spiller groove jet
3 madison ave don’t call me baby
4 daf fader da brigde
5 triple x feel the same
6 anastacia i’m outta love
7 black legend you see the trouble
8 sunkids ft. chance rise up
9 negrocan cada vez
10 atfc/onephatdeeva bad habit
11 soul providers rise
12 bini & martini happiness
13 master freakz let yourself go
14 superfunk lucky star
15 masters at work to be in love
16 da groove ft.luis anthon i'm falling in love
17 dj jean love come home
18 madison ave who the hell are you
19 love connection the bomb
20 big ron let the freak
21 dj antoine vs mad mark la chitara
22 york otb
23 robbie rivera i can't take it
24 stephan malca next to you
25 dj rene music all over the world
26 future groove express thru tha roof
27 artfull dodger re-rewind
28 lonyo summer of love
29 artful dodger moving too fast
30 b-15 proj crissy ladyg girls like us
31 craig david fill me in
32 chicane b.adams don’t give it up
33 dancevalley crew ft junkie xl dancevalley2000
34 tribal tunes la voix du monde
35 olav basoski opium scumbagz


1 first choice the player
2 twin a new day
3 grooveyard let the music
4 e-craig dutch drum attack
5 s.o. project direkt disco
6 sander kleinenberg my lexicon
7 cutmasters front to the back
8 those 2 get wicked
9 armin vanbuuren communication
10 fragma toca’s miracle
11 libra anomally(calling your name)
12 baby d let me be your fantasy
13 rank1 airwave
14 gaia 4-elements
15 signum solar level
16 gouryella walhalla
17 8thwonder feat dj marco she loves house music
18 darude sandstorm
19 phunkytek brothers phat & phunky
20 dj rob fabrie going out to all the dj’s
21 enrico discoclubber
22 klubbheads big bass bomb
23 klubbheads turn up the bass
24 scoop rock the house
25 potatoheads pump it up
26 jetson starlight massivemix
27 hi-per gimme more
28 sash adelante
29 darude feel the beat
30 warp brothers phat bass
31 hi-gate pitchin
32 system f cry remix /ferry corsten mix
33 delerium silence
34 mario piu communication
35 loop 35 lay down the beat delvino
36 agnelli & nelson hudson street
37 dj onne get it on135 bpm
38 liquid ft. silvy turn the tide

CD 3

1 club robbers search for the bell
2 dj jurgen higher & higher
3 simone angel contact
4 southside spinners lovestruk 2000
5 dj peter g vs funky hornblower
6 cyber human the scene
7 paffendorf where are you
8 perfect phase horny horns
9 lock n load blow ya mind
10 hi-gate i can hear voices
11 cygnus x superstring
12 gouryella tenshi
13 svenson & gielen beauty of silence
14 alibi eternity
15 airscape l’esperanza
16 dj jose vs g-spott the house of justice
17 dj tiesto sparkles
18 blank & jones the nightfly
19 collusion impetuous
20 mac zimms doobeedoo
21 g-spott melo g
22 the sunclub movin' on
23 kernkraft400 zombie nation
24 southeast players the horny drummachine
25 milk inc walk on water
26 storm time to burn
27 manjaro kili conflicts
28 aria dido
29 kosmonova dance avec moi
30 major league wonder
31 ben liebrand outro grandmix 2000

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All tracks were then checked for their exact BPM using a stand-alone BPM counter or the built-in BPM counter in the Pioneer CMX5000. The tracks were then entered in a database and sorted by tempo and key.

The Grandmix 2000 was made using the pioneer cmx 5000. This dual CD player with excellent pitch transpose was used to quickly try-out the best possible combinations and locations in the seperate tracks to make the perfect mix. All sections needed for a particular crossfade where pitched and recorded seperately into the Akai DD1500. Often the Mastertempo feature was used on one of the tracks in a crossfade, returning to "normal (non-pitch correected) mode" immediately after the crossfade was completed.

The CMX 5000 also features automix capabilities, but none of those features where used in the Grandmix 2000.

Pioneer cmx 5000

The Grandmix 2000 was digitally edited on the AKAI DD1500 Digital Audio Workstation.

This DD1500 has 28 hours of recording time at 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo. And can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously. The DD1500 does not use any audio mp3 or other destructive data compression.

Most of the tracks are unprocessed. Only a few tracks are digitally EQ'd, in the DD1500 to give them a bit more punch in the low frequencies.

The mix was then mastered onto the Alesis Masterlink, where also the track id's were added. With it's 5,4 hours continuous recording time, the Alesis Masterlink was also ideal to broadcast the 3 hour continuous mix on Radio 538 on new year's eve.

Alesis Masterlink ML9600

The artwork for the Grandmix 2000 was also created by Ben Liebrand

It comprises of a couple of elements which which symbolize the Grandmix 2000.

First of all, the SL1200 turntable representing the tradition of mixing

Second, the CD which is slowly taking over from vinyl with
tools like the pioneer cmx 5000. And representing the digital
quality of the overall mix

The harddisk, holding all the digital audio data whilst editing
the Grandmix on the Akai DD1500. The arm scanning the harddisk was mirrored to resemble a normal pick-up arm more closely.
All images where taken using the Sony Cybershot DSC-F505V and composited in Photoshop by Ben Liebrand

Sony DSC-F505V
(RAF amsterdam)

LIEBRAND AUDIO is based in the Netherlands.

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