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Euro 9,99 (no shipping costs)
(9.5 GB of digital files, link will be emailed to you*)

Was sold at Euro 19,95 + shipping
(now completely sold out)

This Digital Package containes:
- 9.5 GB in size
- More than 220 clips
- More than 70 bonus 'Ben Liebrand' clips
- High quality mpeg 4 (much higher than DVD)
- Clips can be used directly in all VJ software packages
- Wav files of Modular 1 stereo mixes


- The original VIDEO_TS files from which the DVD was produced. Burn them on a DVD and you are good to go oldskool style.

* Upon receiving your payment, you will be emailed a link.
Do keep in mind there could be a time difference between your location and Canada, but as soon as the day begins, links a are sent out as fast as possible.

The Orginal DVD contained:
- 3.8 GB in size
- 88 clips

- Native high bit-rate DVD mpeg 2 quality
- CD with Modular 1 stereo mixes

Finally it's available again. This time as a digital package. And it's a blast !

The Digital Package contains many extra visuals including animations made from artwork made for recent Grand 12 Inches, Grandmix 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013.

It also contains additional background layers usable to compile your own visuals

Also included more than 70 bonus clips as used by Ben Liebrand during his DJ performances

Some of the new clips

The original DVD is no longer available, but this is the content of the digital DVD files which are included in this digital package.

The DVD files feature one hour of high quality images covering categories as :
Trance and sci-fi
Vinyl and CDJ1000
Explosive and Disco
Bling and Retro

To accompany these images, Ben has composed a 1 hour track with slow evolving sequences gradually bringing you in "A State Of Trance" which is exactly where it was broadcasted by Armin van Buuren in his "A State Of Trance" Radio show this summer. This track is called

Each animation has it's own chapter for quick access and the DVD starts directly without the delay of unnecessary menus.

As a bonus, the video-clips Ben has made for Atlantic Ocean, Alan Parsons Project and Dadara are added to this DVD.

DVD : PAL Full Screen 4:3 ratio
Region 0 = region free
Quick start DVD without anoying notices or slow menus. Each clip can be accessed quickly by it's own chapter, 88 in total.
Other features are accessed by pressing the menu button.

CD : Standard Audio CD with One hour version of Modular-1 a played on Armin van Buuren's "A State Of Trance" Radio Show, plus 14 minute Club Version.


Images were created using Electro-GiG 3D animation system, Softimage 3D extreme. Rendered on Silicon Graphics Computers, one of which is the 16 processor Origin 2000 shown here. This rack which looks like it's as big as a large refrigerator is in fact as big as a large refrigerator.

Images were then composited with Motion and Final Cut-Pro and encoded for DVD with DVD Studio-Pro all on the Apple Mac G5

original clips (also included in the digital package)