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Firefly Vinyl

SOS Band Vinyl

High Fashion 5

G12 Vinyl 1

Vinyl releases

SOS Band Vinyl

The Annual Grandmixes
Featuring the best 100 dance tracks of the year in one 3 hour mix on 3CD's
Considered customers, colleagues and business professionals to be the absolute benchmark in mixing.

Grandmix 2013

Grandmix 2012

Grandmix 2011

Grandmix 2007

The Special Grandmixes each with a theme like 'Disco' or '90's' featuring the best 100 songs in that theme in one 3 hour mix on 3CD's

Summer Grandmix

Millennium Grandmix

The series of Grand House Classics focuses on the best full length 12" House classics on 4 CD's mastered form the best masters available
Grand House Classics 2

Grand House Classics 1

The series of Grand 12 Inches on Vinyl
Each edition contains 2 coloured vinyl disks, with 3 tracks per side, for optimal volume performance.

G12 Vinyl 1

G12 Vinyl 2

The series of Grand 12 Inches each feature a selection of 40 rare full length 12 dance classics on 4 CD's mastered form the best masters available
Grand12 Inches18

Grand12 Inches17

Grand12 Inches16

Grand12 Inches15

Grand12 Inches14

Grand12 Inches 13

Grand12 Inches 12

Grand12 Inches11

Grand 12 Inches 5

Grand 12 Inches 4

Grand 12 Inches 3

Grand 12 Inches 2

Grand 12 Inches

Liebrand12 Inches

The "Jaarmixes"
Yearmixes with half the amount of tracks at half the price and without the intro.
Is it a good mix? Yes!
Is it a Grandmix? No!

The Latest, Newest and Hottest tracks.
Megamixes featuring the best dance of this moment.
Great Value!
Great Music!

High Fashion 5

Grand Slam 4

Grand Slam 3


Future Vintage

Megadance 2005

Mid Summer 2004

Classics Megamixes
Take yourself back on a trip to Dancefloor History

Intergalactic 3

Intergalactic 2

Inter Galactic

The Specials, featuring minimixes, limited editions, DVD with 3D animations etc.