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1 Ben Liebrand Intro Popmix
2 Ten Sharp You
3 Destiny’s Child No no no no
4 Toto Africa
5 Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing
6 Gregory Abbott Shake you down
7 Tim Finn Fraction to much friction
8 Bill Withers Lovely Day
9 The Bangles Walk Like an Egyptian
10 Joe Public Live and Learn
11 Pasadenas Tribute
12 Wild Cherry Play that funky music
13 Ben Liebrand ft Tony Scott Move to the bigband
14 Lisa Lisa & Cult JAm Head to toe
16 Emotions Best of my love
17 Billy Ocean Are you ready
18 Jacksons Shake your body
19 Cock Robin The promise you made
20 Time Bandits I’m specialized in love
21 The 3 Degrees Dirtyt Old Man
22 Dan Hartman Relight my fire
23 Ben Liebrand Eve of the war 89
24 Europe Final Countdown
25 Ram Jam Black Betty
26 Deniece Williams Let’s hear it for the boys
27 Earth Wind & Fire Let’s Groove
28 KC & Sunshine Band Give it up
29 Malcolm Mc Laren Something’s Junpin
30 King Love & Pride
31 Drum Theatre Eldorado
32 Mothers Finest Piece of the rock
33 Trammps Shout
34 Santana She’s not there
35 Cyndi Lauper Time After Time
36 Culture Beat Mr. Vain
37 Meat Loaf Paradise
38 Elo Mr Blue Sky

and more...

Same mix, new cover

Previously released with this cover:

Why was it made ?
Some time ago a CD club released a complete selection of the best pop tracks off all times. As a promotion for this elaborate collection, Ben Liebrand has converted an impossible and crazy selection of pop tracks into a suprising mix in the catagory "And now for something completely different...."

This mix was made exclusively for this CD club, and will not be available in record stores or shops. People who are member of this club found it in the november 2000 catalog.

Again Available
The Popmix was a huge succes, but finally all copies were sold out. As it initially was made to promote another CD-collection, and this is no longer the case, I have made new artwork and re-released it.

What will it cost ?
The same price as at the CD club, exact price can be found on the order page,
expect it to be a spectacular low price.

Is it a Grandmix ?
It does have a short intro, but it is NOT a Grandmix. To be a Grandmix, it would have to have over a 100 tracks, and should only contain tracks that made it big on this planet's dancefloors. Also, it just isn't possible to produce a Grandmix for the price this mix will be selling for.


The Popmix was digitally edited on the AKAI DD1500 Digital Audio Workstation.

This DD1500 has 28 hours of recording time at 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo.
And can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously. The DD1500 does not
use any audio mp3 or other destructive data compression.

All tracks were digitally recorded form a Philips 850 CD player
into the Akai DD1500. After this task was completed the CD versions
were no longer needed, as every track was ready for use in the DD1500

Most of the tracks are unprocessed. Only a few tracks are digitally EQ'd,
in the DD1500 to give them a bit more punch in the low frequencies.

All tracks were then checked for there exact BPM using a BPM counter
The tracks were then entered in a database and sorted by tempo and key.

CD's , BPM counter and DAT remote controller

The intro features computer generated voices over smooth atmospheric sound textures

The mix was then mastered onto the Alesis Masterlink, where also the track id's were added

Alesis Masterlink ML9600

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LIEBRAND AUDIO is based in the Netherlands.
Contact us:ben@liebrand.com