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Tracklist Grandmix 2001

001 Ben Liebrand Intro Grandmix 2001
002 The Ones Absolutely flawless
003 Gypsymen Babarabatiri
004 Felix da housecat Silver screen Shower scene
005 Mark van Dale Something going on
006 Warm It’s the Music
007 Soulvation I just can’t stop
008 Ultra Nate Get it up
009 DiscoTex I can cast a spell
010 M&S presents Salsoul Nugget
011 Stuart now i’m free
012 ian pooley Balmes
013 shortie vs Black legend Somebody
014 Max linen The Soulshaker
015 Big world Open your heart
016 raven Maze The Real Life
017 Deepswing In the music
018 Different Gear Drink to get drunk
019 Delerium Innocente
020 Iio Rapture
021 Kosheen Catch
022 Bastian You’ve got my love
023 Roger Sanchez Another Chance
024 silverstone If I had a choice
025 G-club banda sonora Guitarra G
026 Static Revenger Happy people
027 Decoy Casa Fiesta
028 Mantira Mas Y Mas
029 Solid Sessions Janeiro
030 G-starr Morning Light
031 ATB Let U Go
032 Gigi D’agostino La Passion
033 Rui da Silva Touch me
034 Roger Sanchez you can’t change me
035 Chocolate Puma I wanna be U
036 Rising Star Touch me
037 Storm Storm
038 Gigi D’agostino Super
039 Alice Deejay celebrate our love
040 Daddy DJ daddy dj
041 Parla & Pardoux Jump Let’s party
042 Parla & Pardoux liberte
043 ATC My Beats like a drum
044 Coast 2 coast ft discovery Home
046 Klubbheads Here we go
047 Perpetuous Dreamer Sound of goodbye
048 Storm Storm Animal
049 The Groove brothers Work
050 DJ Prince & Jutin K Got to Have
051 Fatboy slim Star 69
052 System f Dance Valley Theme
053 Dreamcatcher I don’t want to loose my way
054 DJ Jose vs G-Spott Access
055 Mauro Picotto Komodo
056 Fragma Everytime you need me
057 Collusion Mutual Consent
058 DJ Tiesto Flight 643
059 Madelyne A deeper love
060 Zippora What about you
061 Hammerhouse The Jumper
062 System F Soul on Soul
063 Members of mayday 10 in 10
064 The thrillseekers synaestasia
065 Joy Kitikonti Energizer
066 DJ Jean Lift Me up
067 Beam & Yanou The freefall
068 Tukan Like a rainbow
069 Mauro Picotto Like this Like that
070 alcazar crying at the discotheque
071 Plaything Into Space
072 Dance Nation Sunshine
073 rollercoaster Don’t hold me back
074 Mauro Picotto Proximus
075 Peran Good Time
076 The Moon Blow up the speakers
077 O.T.Quartet Hold That Sucker down
078 System F Armin v Buuren Exhale
079 The Ard Sound of Silverspace
080 G-spott NRG
081 David Forbes Questions Must be asked
082 System F Needle juice
083 Lock & Load House some more
084 The crazy Drummer Rollercoaster
085 Fragma You are alive
086 Natural born Grooves Kickback
087 Sylver Forgiven
088 Public Domain Operation Blade
089 DJ Jose vs G-Spott II symbols
090 Blank & Jones Beyond Time
091 Ian van dahl castles in the sky
092 Klubbheads Hiphopping
093 Collusion Conspiracy
094 lasgo something
095 Mario Piu The Vision
096 Sylver Turn the tide
097 Svenson & v Gielen Twisted
098 Milc Inc Land of the living
099 DJ Tiesto Suburban Train
100 Justin K & DJ Kmixx Northern Lights
101 Milc Inc Living a lie
102 PPK Resuraction
103 Rank 1 Such is life
104 Barthezz Infected
105 Barthezz On the Move
106 Gigi D’agostino L’amour Toujours
107 Ben Liebrand Outro Grandmix 2001


All tracks will be checked for their exact BPM using the built-in BPM counter in the Pioneer CDJ1000. The tracks were then entered in a database and sorted by tempo and key.

The Grandmix 2001 is being made using 3 pioneer CDJ1000's. These revolutionary new CD players with excellent Master Tempo are used to quickly try-out the best possible combinations and locations in the seperate tracks to make the perfect mix. All sections needed for a particular crossfade are pitched and recorded seperately into the Akai DD1500. Often the Master Tempo feature is used on just one of the 2 tracks in a crossfade, returning to "normal (non-pitch corrected) mode" immediately after the crossfade is completed.

In development, Software for you PC:
CDJ1000 mulitimediacard merger
Merges all CD data of any number of mulitimediacards into one file which can be copied files for back-up and ofcourse be copied back to all your mulitimediacards in a matter of seconds.
Want to know more ? Send an e-mail !

Pioneer CDJ1000

The Grandmix 2001 is digitally edited on the AKAI DD1500 Digital Audio Workstation.

This DD1500 has 28 hours of recording time at 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo. And can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously. The DD1500 does not use any audio mp3 or other destructive data compression.

AKAI dd1500

Most of the tracks are unprocessed. Only a few tracks are digitally EQ'd, in the DD1500 to give them a bit more punch in the low frequencies.

The mix is then mastered onto the Alesis Masterlink, where also the track id's were added. With it's 5,4 hours continuous recording time, the Alesis Masterlink was also ideal to broadcast the 3 hour continuous mix on Radio 538 on new year's eve.

Alesis Masterlink ML9600

Curious about the artwork and the 2001 desktop image?
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LIEBRAND AUDIO is based in the Netherlands.

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