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Equipment setup Grandmix 92

The setup for the Grandmix 92:

On top 2 Tascam DA30 Dat decks, one for
Mastering sections of the mix, and one for
making back-ups of the DD 1000

Below the decks 2 Akai DD1000 Optical disc
recorders to provide 4 stereo audio tracks.

In front of the rack is the remote for both
Akai DD1000's and just above that an Akai
S2100 with timecode option to provide a
timecode to synchronize both DD1000 in

On the right side there is also the small
remote control for a Philips CD player from
which all audio was loaded into the DD1000's.

The tech-robot-talk in one of the grandmixes
about starting up optical disc recorders and
synchronizing to timecode sounded like science,
but actually was exactly what needed to be done.