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Analog 2track Recorder

For many years this was the summit in 2 track recording and
mastering. The Studer A80 was built to last a lifetime, as this
model proves. It was available in different speeds, and tape sizes.

This version runs at 19, and 38 cm/s recording on 1/4 inch tape.
It weighs as much as a washing machine, and cost as much as a car.

Editing was achieved in 4 steps. First you cue the spot where to
edit, and mark it with the marker 1 or a soft white pencil, then
you move 2 the tape to the tape cutter 3 and cut the tape. You then
play on to the next spot where the mix should continue, again
you mark the spot 1 move it on 2 to the tape cutter 3 and cut the tape.
On top ther is a small ridge 4 which is exactly 1/4 inch wide, and
in this ridge you line-up the two ends of the tape you've just cut,
and apply (by sticking on )special splicing tape to finalize the edit

The mechanical marker can also be removed to give better access
to the heads for servicing and manual marking on the tape.

Been there, done that, tally-hooohed it, a million times

Special thanks to Okke van Bergen for revising, and
recalibrating this beautiful piece of technology.

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