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Sony F1
Digital Audio Recorder

This was sony's second generation digital audio recorder
The first commercially available version was a 6 or 7 unit
19"inch housing containing the AD (analog to digital) and DA
(digital to analog) converters, and used a a Sony U-matic video
recorder to record the "digital signal in video format" to tape.

Some years later the F1 combination was introduced where the
big 19"inch cabinet was replaced by a small portable unit containing
an independent AD, and DA converter (unit on the right). The bulky
U-matic recorder was replaced by sony's first portable consumer
betamax recorder (The unit on the left) to record the AD converted
signal. Not only was this a much cheaper solution, it also turned out to
be a more reliable set-up than the large maintenance intensive U-matic
solution. Furthermore it provide the possibility to make digital back-ups,
or even overdubs from one betamax to the other as the AD and DA conver-
ters operated totally independent. (The DA converter could decode one
signal, whilst the AD converter simultaneously encoded a different signal)

Another nice detail of this F1 set is that it sounds better than most DAT
recorders. The high end is in a certain way smoother and more open.

The set above dates from 1986 and still operates perfectly

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