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Sennheiser Vocoder

This is the famous vocoder used for the robot voices
in the Grandmix intro's. It has several inputs of which
the voice input and the carrier input are the most important.

What it does is this. It takes a carrier sound (synth waveform
or any other sound containing sufficient harmonics) and articulates
that sound with your voice, much in the same way as your mouth
articulates the sound coming from your vocal chords.

It achieves this by detecting frequencies in the voice section, and
opening the corresponding frequencies in the carrier section.
The more frequency bands used, the better is the resulting effect.
The sennheiser uses 20 frequency bands. Many more than most
other vocoders, making it one of the best vocoders ever built.

There are only 3 copies of this model in Europe, one probably owned
by Kraftwerk. Other people using this model are Herbie Hancock,
the Cylon robots in Battlestar Gallactica, and some droids in Star Wars.

Special thanks to Ad Kraamer

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