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Minimix 1

No Longer Available

Featuring the following remixes

Ben Liebrand : The Chase 9:40
Armin : Communication 6:22
DJ Jurgen : Higher & Higher 7:07
Drum Theatre : Eldorado 7:10

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Ben Liebrand : The Chase 9:40

Recently remixes have appeared which do the original no
justice. In my version, I have tried to capture the original spirit whilst
incorporating trance elements of the year 2000.
It sounds more true to the original than remixes of the original

It is a tottaly new recording, no parts from the original are used,
as I believe the original is perfect the way it is....

Armin : Communication 6:22

The minimix is in electro style with the sounds of the famous roland 808 drummachine
It builds up into a classic electro groove with bassdrumms in different tunings, and a
'Shannon' style bassline coming from the minimoog. All drums are programmed in the
Akai MPC-60 providing a rock-steady rhythm for the track, including a 32 bar break.
Parts from the original version are sampled into the S-3000, and a Yamaha FSR1 is
providing subtle rhytmic additions. The mix was recorded into the Akai DD1500 where
the vocoder voices are added to the mix. The vocoder speaks of different forms of
communication in 4 different languages. English, German, French and Spanish.

Communication Music Sound Sight Communication Touch Scent Sensation
Kommunikation Musik Klang Bild Kommunikation Gefühl Geruch sensation
Communication Musique Bruit Vue Communication Contact Parfum Sensation
Communicacion Musica Sonido Vista Communicacion Tacto Olor Sensacion

Especially the german vocoder voices give the mix a true 'Kraftwerk' feel.

DJ Jurgen : Higher & Higher 7:07

The Minimix takes a somewhat harder approach in a more
sequencer based version with several analog synths providing the
sounds (SH101's and Minimoog). Several stops and breaks stretch
the song untill finally the main melody appears and ads up to
the Ben Liebrand approach to Higher and Higher.

Drum Theatre : Eldorado 7:10

This is one of the early remixes, using the first Akai 612 Sampler
to ad drum and vocal effects. The phasing choir sounds are actually
made by sampling my own voice , and adding effects to this "Aaah" sample
Additional drum, sequencer and soundeffects are added with the akai sampler.

This first sampler could record one sample, and had a recording time of less
than 1 second. The sequences where played into the step-time sequencer of
a Korg poly 800 and synced to the music using a teac 4-track recorder.

LIEBRAND AUDIO is based in the Netherlands.