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To commemorate KLM's milestones in aviation history a special film was made.
In this film called 'Swan' KLM returns to it's famous moments in history, showing
the first parcel sent, the first passenger flown, and a whole series of landmarks
on this planet which were KLM's earliest flight destinations.

A lot of those destinations were frequented by KLM's Fokker 7a, which still exists
in the Aviodome at schiphol airport, but hasn't taken to the air since many years.

For crucial scenes however the Fokker 7a had to appear in the film, revisiting those
famous historical destinations. As the Fokker is no longer airborne, a 3D model took
it's place composited into the live material. The image below is the 3D-model made by
Liebrand Images for this project which was done entirely on Film Resolution.

Lukkien Digital Film Facilities composited all 3D elements with the filmed backgrounds

Other scenes include the pyramids (also a 3D model)

KLM's "flying logo" was repositioned "On Top Off The World"
Below is the original shot

Another scene asked for an original poster coming to life including rotating earth, 3D constellation and New York
Skyline appearing at the horizon.

"Swan" A film directed by Jindra Markus, supervised by Rob Houwer.
Technical direction by Maarten Pas for Lukkien Digital Film Facilities.

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